Way to Go! (Waterloo Hacks 2016)

Way to Go | Devpost

We developed an iOS multi-destination route planner mockup, Way-to-Go (http://devpost.com/software/way-to-go), with 2 other friends in Waterloo Hacks 2016 (https://waterloohacks.io/).

Way-to-Go is actually one of our previous startup ideas. We put it off for Lovever, but we decided to test it as one of our hackathon projects.

We found it troublesome to navigate through multiple destinations because we have to check Google Maps for routes over and over again, and we couldn’t have an estimated arriving time for all destinations at one time. We don’t want to open map applications again and again searching for destinations, so why don’t we develop a multi-destination route planner?

And that’s how we came up with the idea and used Google Map iOS SDK, Google Direction Web API to build this iOS application.

Its current features include:
1. allowing you to choose more than one destinations with different travel modes (driving, public transit, walking and cycling);
2. showing an estimated arrival time on every marker;
3. interactive way to drag destination markers on the map (route and time adjust automatically as you move the markers);

We are considering adding more useful features in the future.


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