Blog Change: Move to Medium

Hi everyone, starting from today, instead of posting here, I’ll write my blog and post on my Medium page.

If you like what I wrote and are interested in knowing more about me, feel free to follow my medium page 🙂


Pulse: Feel Your Music (Design Practice)

After being familiar with some basic functions of Sketch 3, I couldn’t wait to try some complete design myself (Lovever doesn’t count because we designed its UI/UX together). So I started drawing UI for Pulse.

Pulse is a music mobile application I just imagined out 2 hours ago. Basically I used many elements in the design for Apple Music, which actually worked pretty well.

Now I have these 2 basic design pictures: Check it here (Updated)..


The first page is For You, which recommends music according to your personal preference.

The second page is Menu, where you can switch between different pages of Pulse.


I’ll keep updating this project. Good night for now 🙂


Parse & Our Strategy Change

I believe most of you have heard the bad news — Parse is gonna be shut down. (The post is here:

Yesterday when I saw the post, I shared it immediately to Honghao (my teammate) with a big “What!?”. Soon he replied “Bad news”.


Yes, indeed.

The reason we feel anxious and upset is that both Honghao and I barely know anything about backend development, and we’ve been relying on Parse and Firebase to support our previous projects. We’ve also been thinking about using BaaS for Lovever before we have our own backend developers. But now we have to reconsider the whole thing.

We discuss some backup plans this afternoon, and we both agree that no matter how we solve this issue, we need to know backend development ourselves. Somehow I’m reminded of a joke that people start to learn programming themselves after realizing how hard and costly it is to find a good developer. We also realize the difficulty of finding an awesome backend developer in a short time and the unreliability of entirely relying on BaaS, and we think “Okay, it’s time we push ourselves to ‘master’ backend development.”

So here we go. Honghao has been learning to develop web applications end-to-end using the MEAN stack for a while, and I just seriously start today. Hope everything goes well.


We’ll make sure of it.


Welcome to my blog

Hello everyone, I guess I can call myself a “blogger” now.

I’ll share some updates about my personal projects and my experience in freelance design, starting a startup and doing internships in different fields. Hope you’ll like them. If there’s anything about me or what I am doing that you want to know, feel free to reach out 🙂

Chen Zou